Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Wow! What more can we say. This Christmas was amazing. Not only did Morgan LOVE the season, talking about Santa, seeing Santa (without freaking completely out) and actually opening presents all on his own, he really really enjoyed it. Jon and I however, were exhausted!! BUT very blessed to be able to provide for our family, BE with our family and enjoy each others company.
Aside from Christmas, all the food and WAY too many gifts, Morgan is now on week THREE of being Potty Trained. He is doing so well! Only a couple of accident, and soon we will attempt going to bed with undies! Where did my little baby go?? I've traded it in for a big boy! He's so sweet, spoiled, has total attitude, but is kind and loves playing with kids. I love love LOVE the school we have him. They are really teaching him so much and I would pay double to know he keeps getting the treatment, teaching and knowledge any kid deserves from a school! (the home away from home)!!
Anyways, here are some photos from Christmas for you to enjoy :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Snowball Fight

A little something funny just in time for the holidays :) Enjoy!!

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We are a family of three no more, no less! Jon and I have know each other for 18 years now. Started with being really good friends and talking on the phone (well, me crying about the loser boyfriends I had), but Jon was always there. Providing me with the support and love I needed, weather I wanted it or not, was not the issue. We finally made our connection in 2004, courted for about three months, because really, there was only a very few things we DIDN'T know about each other. A year later, we were blessed to become pregnant and through the stress of the high-risk pregancy, we had a gorgeous baby boy. His name was already predetermined! 'Morgan' is Jon's moms maiden name, there is a running joke with the 'Morgans' due to their attitude. Alejandro was from my uncle's name 'Alejo' I've always liked that name and we wanted to have our son represent both sides of his heritage. PLUS my parents couldn't say Morgan for the longest, so Alejandro is what he is called by mommy's family, and Morgan is used for daddy's family. We wonder why our son is so confused most of the time, right?? We are a happy family! Nothing could be wanted more