Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Review

Over the weekend we went to this cafe called the Beach (7750 S. Jones), small and cute. Morgan has found a new love for this place, and it comes in the form of scarfing down those individual sized jelly's and drinking the half & half milks. I can't stop him. It's the only thing that keeps him quiet and content until the food comes out. We haven't really found anything he really likes (or can actually have, due to his allergies) but I'm sure we will get there. This weekend he ate the bacon slices and a ton of french fries!
Today we went to Abuelo and Abuela's house. Morgan is inseparable with his grandfather. Sticks to him like glue. Not sure what the connection is there...but I'm glad it's there. It's nice for him to hang out with Abuelo so mommy and me can have our alone time, gossip, and mainly do my secretarial duties for her! I
 love my mommy very very much!! She is the best person with the biggest heart and I only wish to one day be 100% like her. I've got the stubborn part down, I just need to be cleaner and more boisterous!! xoxoxo

Friday, March 27, 2009

Nosey Picture Developer Mommy

So Morgan's school New Hope Christian Academy School  
is super brand new, just opened in January09 and has small classes Literally the ratio is 4 students PER teacher! That's freakin' amazing and a rarity! Yes, it's a Christian School and YES they teach him about God. My personal view is that believing in a higher power and knowing how to love each other is important, and if by believing in God makes it happen, than that's what we want for our son.Enough about that...the reason for this post is that that school asks you to bring in disposable cameras and a 3-ring binder so the teachers can take pictures of the little munchkins and build a personalized journal of your very own monkey, mine being Morgan! hahahI volunteered to fork over the $18 and get the film developed. I'm nosey, and needed to see the photos NOW instead of getting stuck in a box later, which I'm sure the teacher, Ms. Day, would be very creative in decorating and noting each event....but still...this is one quality that I acquired from my mother that I am DAMN proud of. CONTROLLING! Now if I can get the super cleanliness from her...Jon would love me more!Well, here are some photos of various days. The teachers took many pictures of all the children, playing outside, inside, eating, etc. He's been at this school for a three weeks now, and is so stress-FREE. no more bitting the shit out of the pacifiers, no more starving periods, and no more super crying and being snotty. His allergies and asthma are more under control now than ever before! I thank God and the powers to be that lead me to this school. They better not let me down, or there will be hell to pay! lol


Last night we had sushi at our favorite place in the whole wide world, well, at least for Jon it is. Morgan and I like it. Don't get me wrong. It's really really good, nice and fresh fish, and a big open space. Morgan, as always, is Morgan and will run around freerange like a loose chicken, and no one ever complains or gives us dirty looks. So families...YOU'RE SAFE TO EAT HERE!

This is also the only place Morgan will really sit down and grub his little face. He enjoys a bowl of rice, baby taco (baby octopus) <~~there's something wrong with a baby eating baby, but that's another story, and finishing off with edamame. He attacks it full force with no complaints. Asks for more and everything! We Love It Here!! Here's a picture, in action, to show his love for Asian Cuisine. Yes, folks...he is truly MY son! heheh

Monday, March 9, 2009

1st Day of School - New Hope Christian Academy

Oh Boy!
Today was Morgan's first day at New Hope Christian Academy! I was nervous and anxious on how he would do. There are no cameras at the school and I won't be able to check in on him throughout the day. NOT something, this super clingy mom is used too!
Today was a super windy day, he grabbed hold of his blankie and kept saying 'it's cold'! heheh
We get inside and am greated by Ms. Dake, school principle and the teacher Ms. Day, who is super cute, nice, calm, and friendly!

It was so nice and warm inside. Morgan did do his monkey-clingy thing to me, but warmed up rather quickly. There were new toys, books and other things to play with. We walked over to a dry erase board that had those magnetic letters stuck to them. Morgan really liked those and, although shy, started to play with the letters.

I started to stand up, when he grabbed me and started mumbling...words that were picked up in between were 'Daddy, Car, Outside, Home'! I let him know that daddy would pick him up soon and that he was going to have LOTS of fun here with Ms. Day.

He then focused in on a book of trucks. We thumbed through it, and found lots of different styles of trucks and construction vehicles inside. One was a car shipper truck, just like Mac from the movie CARS (which we have watched a MILLION times). We walked the book over to Ms. Day and she started talking to him about the movie and he got all happy :)

I told him I was going to go to work and daddy would be back to pick him up...I got no response as he was too into telling the teacher about all the cars inside the truck!

Ms. Dake just called to let me know that Morgan is doing great. A classmate walked in, saw Morgan, and said 'Hi Friend'! Morgan smiled and they started playing together!! The teacher was taking pictures to give us when we pick him photos will be added tonight :)


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