Friday, March 27, 2009

Nosey Picture Developer Mommy

So Morgan's school New Hope Christian Academy School  
is super brand new, just opened in January09 and has small classes Literally the ratio is 4 students PER teacher! That's freakin' amazing and a rarity! Yes, it's a Christian School and YES they teach him about God. My personal view is that believing in a higher power and knowing how to love each other is important, and if by believing in God makes it happen, than that's what we want for our son.Enough about that...the reason for this post is that that school asks you to bring in disposable cameras and a 3-ring binder so the teachers can take pictures of the little munchkins and build a personalized journal of your very own monkey, mine being Morgan! hahahI volunteered to fork over the $18 and get the film developed. I'm nosey, and needed to see the photos NOW instead of getting stuck in a box later, which I'm sure the teacher, Ms. Day, would be very creative in decorating and noting each event....but still...this is one quality that I acquired from my mother that I am DAMN proud of. CONTROLLING! Now if I can get the super cleanliness from her...Jon would love me more!Well, here are some photos of various days. The teachers took many pictures of all the children, playing outside, inside, eating, etc. He's been at this school for a three weeks now, and is so stress-FREE. no more bitting the shit out of the pacifiers, no more starving periods, and no more super crying and being snotty. His allergies and asthma are more under control now than ever before! I thank God and the powers to be that lead me to this school. They better not let me down, or there will be hell to pay! lol

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