Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Review

Over the weekend we went to this cafe called the Beach (7750 S. Jones), small and cute. Morgan has found a new love for this place, and it comes in the form of scarfing down those individual sized jelly's and drinking the half & half milks. I can't stop him. It's the only thing that keeps him quiet and content until the food comes out. We haven't really found anything he really likes (or can actually have, due to his allergies) but I'm sure we will get there. This weekend he ate the bacon slices and a ton of french fries!
Today we went to Abuelo and Abuela's house. Morgan is inseparable with his grandfather. Sticks to him like glue. Not sure what the connection is there...but I'm glad it's there. It's nice for him to hang out with Abuelo so mommy and me can have our alone time, gossip, and mainly do my secretarial duties for her! I
 love my mommy very very much!! She is the best person with the biggest heart and I only wish to one day be 100% like her. I've got the stubborn part down, I just need to be cleaner and more boisterous!! xoxoxo

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