Friday, March 27, 2009


Last night we had sushi at our favorite place in the whole wide world, well, at least for Jon it is. Morgan and I like it. Don't get me wrong. It's really really good, nice and fresh fish, and a big open space. Morgan, as always, is Morgan and will run around freerange like a loose chicken, and no one ever complains or gives us dirty looks. So families...YOU'RE SAFE TO EAT HERE!

This is also the only place Morgan will really sit down and grub his little face. He enjoys a bowl of rice, baby taco (baby octopus) <~~there's something wrong with a baby eating baby, but that's another story, and finishing off with edamame. He attacks it full force with no complaints. Asks for more and everything! We Love It Here!! Here's a picture, in action, to show his love for Asian Cuisine. Yes, folks...he is truly MY son! heheh

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We are a family of three no more, no less! Jon and I have know each other for 18 years now. Started with being really good friends and talking on the phone (well, me crying about the loser boyfriends I had), but Jon was always there. Providing me with the support and love I needed, weather I wanted it or not, was not the issue. We finally made our connection in 2004, courted for about three months, because really, there was only a very few things we DIDN'T know about each other. A year later, we were blessed to become pregnant and through the stress of the high-risk pregancy, we had a gorgeous baby boy. His name was already predetermined! 'Morgan' is Jon's moms maiden name, there is a running joke with the 'Morgans' due to their attitude. Alejandro was from my uncle's name 'Alejo' I've always liked that name and we wanted to have our son represent both sides of his heritage. PLUS my parents couldn't say Morgan for the longest, so Alejandro is what he is called by mommy's family, and Morgan is used for daddy's family. We wonder why our son is so confused most of the time, right?? We are a happy family! Nothing could be wanted more