Thursday, April 9, 2009

More Photos Developed

I went at it again! I couldn't help myself. That empty roll of film, sitting there, waiting for someone to develop. It has to be ME. I grabbed the roll again and developed the film *sigh*. Here's the new set of photos.
These photos are from the day they released, what
looks like, a million lady bugs outside. Morgan really liked it...but what boy doesn't like to play with bugs. I love ladybugs, don't get me wrong, but in this magnitude of them, it made my skin crawl. heheheh

There are a few photos here from Daddy and Me day. Jon wasn't able to come, and there was no other 'guys' available to come and hang out with him, unfortunately, but that was OK for Morgan. More stuff for him to play with by himself. If you know Morgan, you know he needs to warm up to people. The other daddy's tried to play with him, but he refused the love. Spoiled Brat!

These next few pictures are just precious. When the kiddos
go outside, they have to hold hands! isn't that the cutest!! They love helping each other and are starting to play with each other too.

Morgan is doing so well in this school. He really enjoys being there and hates to leave. Seriously, he gets excited we are there, but would rather stay than leave!
He's eating much better, AND according to the 2nd opinion Asthma Specialist, doesn't have ANY allergies at all. NONE. No Wheat, No outdoor...NOTHING!? I've been 'testing' the waters and giving him some food items. I've tried having him eat little bits of bread and some cereals, and nothings happened. No breakout, wheezing or anything! We've also cut down on his medications. We only do a breathing treatment in the morning and at bed time to help coat his lungs, but nothing else. We are so lucky and I thank the Lord for having my baby boy so healthy. In times like this, it really helps!! He's so much happier! Talking a lot and being 100% boy!


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