Monday, November 9, 2009

The flu :(

Poor little Morgan is sick with the Flu. He's been sick all weekend and really bad Sunday. We just figured he was getting a bad case of his Asthma but with the fever...that just didn't make sense. So off to the dr.s we went today, only for him to get poked and prodded again. I felt so bad. First the dr. wanted to check for tonsillitis so with the help of the lollipop stick to push down his throat, two long q-tips went down his throat. Ouch...Then for the flu check, yeah that was fun! Stupid nurse takes a different q-tip puts it up one nose to swab than WAM! she shoves it in the other side, so far I didn't think baby's noses went. I could have sworn she swabbed his brain, and poor Morgan was screaming how bad it hurt him. These are the reasons, my friends, I WILL NOT EVER put unnecessary tourturous medical crap with my son or any other kid I may have. I just won't do it. It's so unnecessary and the people that do it, somehow manage to not know what the heck they are doing. I mean....don't these people work with kids ONLY day in and day out??? What gives?
Anyways, $150 (WITH insurance my friends) later and THREE drugs, we're home. He hasn't really ate all day, but I just got him to eat some crackers. The coughing has come down a bit, which is nice, but we have a LONG night ahead of us tonight. Ahh the joys of having little humans around to care for. I just think back to all the times my mom used to get up to cuddle me, rock me or just shove medicine down my throat to shut up. Whatever the was always MOMMY I cried out to, and it still is. I only hope my baby boy will realize that when he grows up.
By no means do I want him to be mommas-boy, but appreciation, value, loyalty and making sure that I'm doing OK is all I ask. Some may think that is too much, but that's where I came from...and my boy better have two braincells in his brain to never put anyone over his own flesh and blood, the one that birthed him and sacrificed for a better life.
Ok, off my soapbox.
Love to all

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